Interview questions for pyton and php programmers

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I have been using this format for my interviews previously and it greatly helped me.
Since I am trying to create a new blog, I was thinking of publishing something that will have some use for programmers. So I am sharing my interview checklists. Hope that will help you all.

  • Tell me about yourself
    • Team player
    • Self motivated
    • Enjoy learning and sharing
    • Pragmatic
    • Social
  • What do you enjoy most in your current job
    • Coding kata   
    • Book club  
    • Technical Presentation
  • What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your work
  • Why do you want to leave your current job
  • What is your present boss like
    • Good forecasting
    • Innovative  
  • Why do you think you are best match for this job
  • What do you know about our company
  • What can you bring to the company
    • Agile
    • TDD
  • How long  do you expect in stay in the company
    • Progress
    • Contribution
  • What are your greatest strengths
  • What is your biggest weakness
  • Where do you see yourself in five years time
    • Keep progressing to senior role
  • Give me an example of a difficult team situation you had to deal with
  • Give me an e xample of a product or concept you found hard to understand
  • Give me an example of something you are very proud of
  • Give me an example of a change or improvement you made to development or testing processes in your organisation
  • Give me an example of a time you performed well in a team
  • Give me an example of a time you showed initiative
  • Give me an example of a time you demonstrated creativity
  • Give me an example of a time when you demonstrated leadership
  • What is the most challenging piece of work you have undertaken and why? What were the challenges and how did you overcome them?
  • Aside from your day to day project work have you made a broader contribution to the technical advancement of your team as a whole?
  • What new technology, either inside or outside of work, do you find most exciting and why?
  • Why are you interested in the role?
  • What aspects of the role interest you the most?
  • What can you offer us?
    • I have great energy going through complicated problems
    • I am a great team player
    • I love playing with new technology and sharing
    • I assure best practice in working

Python Topics:

  1. Python ?
  2. Property,
  3. Data structures (list,tuples, set, dict)
  4. File processing
  5. Exception handling
  6. Itertools
  7. Iterators
  8. Generators
  9. Decorators,
  10. @classmethod vs @staticmethod
  11. List comprehension vs generator expression
  12. Builtin functions ( )
  13. Special method
  14. Function as first class object
  15. Lambda
  16. Testing
  17. Debugger (pdb)
  18. Multiple inheritence
  19. Multi-threading vs Multi-processing
  20. Re
  21. Setup script,
  22. Glossary

Django Topics:

  1. Django design philosophy,
  2. New features
  3. Django ORM (query especially)
  5. Django settings
  6. URL dispatcher,
  7. Reverse
  8. Reverse url matching
  9. Model manager
  10. Caching,
  11. Abstract  base class,
  12. ORM limitation, stored procedure
  13. User profile
  14. Signal,
  15. How djagno process a request
  16. Request and response
  17. Fixtures
  18. Generic view,
  19. Middleware,
  20. MVT
  21. URL patterns/ URL Naming/ URL template tag
  22. Template, model and table inheritance
  23. Internationalization
  24. Forms
  25. Test framework,

Programming Architecture:

  1. Dependency injection
  2. Separation of Concern 
  3. Single Responsibility Principle  
  4. Design patterns
    1. singletone
    2. factory
    3. decorator
    4. observer
    5. template
    6. State
    7. Iterator

Others from CV:

  1. scrum-ban
  2. rabbitmq
  3. celery
  4. fabric
  5. OOC in java script
  6. load balancer

More Questions:

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Mysql questions:

PHP questions:

Programming Exercise:

  1. prime number
  2. factorial
  3. fibonacci
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